Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Trophy Wife

I have decided the perfect nickname for Miss Havana in the new novel, The Trophy Wife, will be (wait for it) ... "Fast and Furious." If you followed Miss Havana's misadventures in The Substitute, Oh, Heavens, Miss Havana! and The Training Bra (coming soon from Solstice Publishing), then you would know Miss Havana's real name is given to her for different reasons in each novel. In The Trophy Wife, for the first time, Miss Havana will be Cuban (while she lives), and God will be the one to assign her nickname. These books have been a joy to write. I'm already looking forward to completing the research for The Trophy Wife so I can get started writing in earnest.

James L. Hatch


  1. Bring it on! Miss Havana just keeps getting better and better and more outlandish.

  2. Thanks Tony-Paul. I'm delighted you enjoyed the draft. I am on the fifth edit pass now ... almost ready to show it to a few others.