Monday, December 12, 2011

Review of “The Tunnelers”

Sometimes I get the opportunity to review novels and short stories I’ve wondered about, like today’s review of “The Tunnelers.” The cover was intriguing and I liked the title, so was delighted when Solstice Publishing sent it to me to review.

I can’t say if “The Tunnelers” by Goeff Gander should be classified as a short story or a novel (48 pages), but I can say is it is one of the best stories I’ve read recently. The writing is outstanding, as is the editing. I’m picky; those things are important to me.

I can also say I was disappointed the story wasn’t longer. I loved reading it; I wanted to read more. The pace was fast and the topic interesting. In fact, this story could easily be expanded to a full-length novel, and would keep readers on the edge its entire expanded length.

I haven’t read anything presented from multiple first person perspectives for some time. That was refreshing. It is the Point of View I prefer. The characters were intense, and the implied activities of the “tunnelers”, all frightening, were dangled before the reader like a worm before a hungry fish. The tone of the story reminded me a lot of “old school” horror movies where the monster was only glimpsed … but the entire audience knew it was really, really nasty. Only creepy music would have made these monsters more threatening.

Okay, I won’t check under my bed tonight when I go to bed, but I might be attuned to any unusual vibrations from below. Remember the movie Tremors? The tunnelers aren’t worms. They are a lot smarter, equally persistent and can hunt you down wherever you live. If your house has a second story, that might be a good place to read about them.

Reviewed by James L. Hatch, author for: (The Judge, Infinity Quest, The Empress of Tridon, "The Final Experiment", Aftermath Horizon)

Solstice Publishing (The Substitute; Oh, Heavens, Miss Havana!)

Eternal Press (Kill Zone)


  1. Hello James! Thank you for the wonderful review!


  2. Hey Geoff. My pleasure. Solstice has some great authors. I look forward to reading a novel from you.